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Karunamaya Foundation Nepal , Help Nepal rebuilding schools
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Our Goal

The main goal of Karunamaya foundation is to develop education in rural communities in Nepal. After the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on April 2015, we decided to bring our help providing infrastructure to public schools and training to their teachers. Our goal is to have a socio-economic impact in Nepal helping children and young people to grow up and acquire independency by facilitating them access to basic education and personal development.
Ours is a selfless involvement aimed to touch the heart by providing services. “With a Difference to Make a Difference”

Join Our Program

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – Mother Teresa –
You can collaborate with Asociación darE por Karunamaya , 2017ASOCIACION DARE SPAIN and KFN signed the MOU  to promote the project entitled “Reconstruction of Shree Prajawasti Primary School “.

What We Do


According to the Ministry of Education´s Assessment Report release in 2015, about 89% of schools in the Nepalese district affected by the earthquake were damaged or completely destroyed. 8.242 public schools, 25.134 classrooms were fully destroyed and 22.097 schools have reported serious damages. In private schools, 956 classrooms were fully destroyed and 3.983 were damaged. As this data shows, the impact was way more violent on public schools than on private ones. In Gorkha district alone it is reported that 90% of the schools have collapsed or had severe damage.

Rebuild a school in Makaising.  A Beautiful Dream.

 Gorkha, this is the place where we are building our beautiful dream. Along with the reconstruction of Shree Prajawasti Primary School we aim to create as school system that could be a model for children from other Nepalese communities. Together with the locals, we are working to foster the development of this Chepang community.

niños 900x300
Our project has different phases.
The first phase involved the reconstruction of a primary public school at Makaising, Bardada Gorkha. The construction of the Shree Praswati school started on January 6th 2016.
Despite the challenges and obstacles met during the reconstruction work, this first phase is almost completed. The school already hosts 120 children which have been studying there even when the school was not finished yet. These children belong to the indigenous Chepang Community. The Chepang people have often been characterized as the poorest of Nepal’s poor, belonging to the lowest caste in Nepal system.
First Phase Project 51.943€...............................................Progress0%
Additional Project 61.025€ (two years) .................................Progress0%
Water supply funded from Nepal Government 8.000€... Progress0%
Educational Program ( Two Years ) 38.000€......................Progress0%
Sustainaibility Program (Two Years ) 40.000€......................Progress0%

Our other areas of focus.  Educational Program.

Distribution Educational Material-4
  • On Children and Youth 
  • On working with Organizations (local or International) in meaningful services
  • On enhancing our own activities as given follow.
Distribution Educational Material-3
  1. Literacy and Education   2.Environment   3. Health   4. Food and Nutrition  5.Water and Sanitation

What We Have Done

This was the time that Karunamaya Foundation Nepal stepped forward to provide material for reconstruction at Larpak and Gorkha besides supply of medicines , tents , ration , solar panel , solar light. At the same time we initiated a Malaysian group to undertake an “Adopt a village “program in Larpak . Today this program is successful and gaining momentum.

Relief work in Laprak

Laprak_006 900x300
Contribution of first relief materials to the devastated village of Laprak, Gorkha. Before the monsoon arrived there was an urgent need for adequate food supplies, basic medical supplies and a better shelter to survive during the rainy season as even access by foot is difficult due to the rain and landslides.
Project Progress0%
Project Estimate 20.665€0%

Read More About Earthquake April 25th

The earthquake and the following aftershocks took away the valuable lifes of over 8.500 people and some other 16.000 people were badly injured. 284.000 homes were completely destroyed and more than 234.000 suffered severe structural damages.
In NEPAL you can collaborate Becoming  a Karunamaya  MEMBER, Making a DONATION, or giving us support or IDEAS.