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Foundation Digging -
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24 Jan Foundation Digging

Karunamaya Foundation Nepal
Fortnightly Progress Update
Report Period : 22nd January 2016

Project Name : Shree Prajawasti Primary School, Makaising-3 Bardada, Gorkha Prepared by : Swestha Dhungel, Project Coordinator

After a long period of project planning and waiting, due to the on-going unavailability of fuel and gas in Nepal, the construction for Shree Prajawasti Primary School, Makaising-3 Bardada, Gorkha finally was started on 6th January 2016.As of 22nd January, the activities being undertaken are as follows:

1. The work for the construction started with the foundation laying of the classroom performing the pooja ceremony on 6th January, 2016 in the presence of the local community, community leaders and representatives of Karunamaya Foundation Nepal.

2. The foundation has appointed an Engineer, Mr. Ashish Dangal as a site engineer assigned to oversee construction of project as per approved design and technical specifications by being stationed full time in the project location, maintaining the local technical and labor staff at the site. He is also responsible for re- designing and re- costing of existing design if required with approval from board.

3. The foundation appointed Ms. Swesta Dhungel as Project Coordinator who is assigned to prepare records of project activities, monitoring and communication of project progress, communication with stakeholders, etc.

4. On 16th January, Site Engineer Ashish was dispatched to the site to commence construction. Activities done till date by site engineer are:
• Finalize place for accommodation and food arrangement’s.
• Meeting with labor staff of the site regarding the work of the construction.
• Site clearing and shifting of classes to the adjacent private land so that the entire construction of two blocks (classrooms & staff room) can be done simultaneously.
• Construction of temporary classrooms, office and store room so that it doesn’t create any hurdle in the education of the students as well as in the work of construction.
• Additional work for developing drawings plans of retention wall, gate, boundary wall and drinking water survey was assigned to the site engineer, which is not currently included in the project plan.

5. Construction update: The construction work was started from the second day right after site engineer reached to the site. Constructions materials were delivered to the site on 18th January and are still being delivered till date.

The materials that were delivered at the site are listed below:
SN. Particulars Quantity
1 3″ post pipes 3mm 66 pcs
2 1.6″ section pipe 140 pcs
3 40mm GI Sheet 10 bundles
4 OPC Cement 75 bags
5 Shovel 3 pcs
6 Spade 2pcs
7 5m Measuring tape 2 pcs
8 Khanti 4 pcs
9 Hammer 2 pcs
10 Tagari 5 pcs
11 Electric cable (3/22 wire) 6 pcs

The delivery of the bricks are planned to be done later as at starting the work of building layout and excavation of office and library is done where there is no use of bricks. Bricks are required as per progress of construction and can be delivered later.

The work of layout has been completed as per building plan and digging for both blocks have been initiated and the digging of foundation is expected to be complete by 27th January as the ground being stony and hard due to which its being difficult for labor to dig.

Excavation of foundation for teachers’ room and library block complete and masonry work is going to start from next week for this block. Work for digging foundation has started for the fiveclassroom block and it is expected to be complete in approximately 10 days.

Securing of electricity supply for construction by connecting sub meter to the nearby house of the construction site.

Payment for the materials of the 1st Consignment of the construction was done after the delivery of the materials to the site. Payment was done through the bank cheque amount of NRs. 11, 23,482.

Besides that the payment of the transportation was also done through the bank and a cheque amount of Nrs. 2,09,000 was deposited to the transportation supplier. The amount for transportation for the delivery of the construction materials cost high as per the ongoing rate due the current fuel crisis and shortage, which has increased the price, rates up by 100%.

6. Activities planned for next phase
• Project Progress Update to be prepared and communicated on the 15th and end of the every month by Project Coordinator.
• Work on securing Water Supply for construction, water to be also provided to the school for providing drinking water for the children.
• Visit of Swesta Dhungel (Project Coordinator) to site for monitoring and to implement filing and record keeping of the activities of the site.
• Monitoring visit by Clara and Martha to site in February 2016.
• Working on additional project activities required in the school.

JANUARY 21st Foundation digging and materials stocked. The temporary classrooms and teachers shed had been shifted to another location for the construction. The toilets house built by an NGO time ago will be kept but renovate, so it will reduce our constructing costs. 

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