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The construction work is full progress due was stopped for two months
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06 Nov The construction work is full progress after two months stopped.

The construction work for Shree Prajawasti Primary School, Maikaising -3 Bardada, Gorkha is in full progress after 24th November 2016 although the construction work was stopped for few months due to delay in delivery of construction materials and road blockade from landslide from heavy rainfall in monsoon as well as due to financial crisis and out of budget.

  • The more construction materials were delivered to the site as per the need and requirement of the

work. The construction materials delivered to the site are as follows:

Note: The price of sand was fixed at NRs. 6500 per tractor including transportation cost (1 tractor = 2.5 cubic meter). 1 tractor of sand was ordered for the finishing work of the classroom and office block of 1st Phase construction work which was delivered by 20th December 2016.
The payment of transportation cost for the delivery of the construction materials and subcontracted transport with labors was done which total sum amount was NRS.37200 out of which NRS.30000 was of the transport and NRS.7200 was of the subcontracted transport with labor (i.e. equals to 338.1818 Euros). Also the payment of NRS.348559.2 (i.e. equals to 3168.72 Euros) out of total billing cost of NRS.710240 (i.e. equals to 6456.72 Euros) was done for the construction materials of the finishing work of Phase 1.


Construction Update: Till 29th November the work of gabion wall on the classroom side block and laying of remaining GI sheets were completed along with the work of plyboard fitting and gabion wall in office block in full phase. Till date following progress has been made at construction.

  Completion of gabion wall work on the office side block.

  Installation of plyboard in both the office and classroom blocks.

  Installation of ply boards on the office blocks and additional room which is in progress and in full phase of working.

  Fitting of windows in classroom block.The work of fitting of doors in the both blocks and fitting of windows at office block is in hold for a week from 23rd December 2016 to 1st January 2017 due to the marriage of the contractor who was doing that work.

Activities Planned for Next Phase

  •   Field visit of Project Coordinator to field to take the measurements for water resource project and to arrange the accommodation of new medical volunteer to project area.
  •   Preparation and sharing of fortnightly Project Progress Update.
  •   Sharing of additional project work budget and designs with timeline.
  •   Fitting of doors and windows on the office & library block and doors in classroom block.
  •   Finishing the construction work.
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