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The construction work is going smoothly. -
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03 Mar The construction work is going smoothly.



Report Period : 3rd March 2016
Project Name : Shree Prajawasti Primary School, Makaising-3 Bardada, Gorkha Prepared by : Swesta Dhungel, Project Coordinator


The construction work of Shree Prajawasti Primary School, Makaising-3 Bardada, Gorkha is going smoothly though there was the problem of water supply for few days in the site as this season is usually dry which causes the sources of water to dry. As of 1st March, the activities being undertaken are as follows:

  1. As of 1st March, the activities being undertaken are as follows:
    Site Engineer completed and submitted the report of the assigned additional work of developing drawings plans which covers the designing and cost estimation of Chautari, urinal & shower, stage & of retaining wall which are currently not included in the project plan.
  2. .CONSTRUCTION UPDATE  Till 17th February the work of stone masonry of office and library block along with the Damp Proof Concreting (DPC) over the masonry was completed followed by the completion of excavation work of stone foundation at class room blocks. Till date the following progress has been made in the construction works of the site.

• Completion of stone masonry work for foundation of classroom blocks followed by the Damp Proof Concreting (DPC) on 29th February.
• Completion of the started bricks work of the office block. (Started date: 25th February 2016 & completed date: 28th February 2016).
• Completion of laying of GI sheets over the office and library block and that of class room blocks is in progress.
• Excavation for the additional room in the office block was started on 26th February 2016.

The more construction materials were delivered to the site as per the need and requirement of the work. The construction materials delivered to the site

SN. Particulars Quantity
01. Aggregate 3 cu. m. (1 tractor)
02. Pan 3 pcs
03. OPC cement 75 bags
04. Plain Sheet (Blue) 20 pcs
05. Sand 20 cu. m. (8 tractors)
06. Stone 48 cu. m. (16 tractors)
07. Bricks 3000 pcs

Note: The payment process for the stone is in progress where the rate for stone was fixed at NRs. 1200 per tractor (1 tractor = 3 cubic meter) and the transportation cost was fixed at NRs. 800 per tractor. 34 tractors of stone were delivered till 1st March 2016.
Activities Planned for Next Phase
• Preparation and sharing of fortnightly Project Progress Update.
• Completion of brick masonry works on the classroom block.
• Installation of remaining GI sheets on the classroom block.
• Installation of ply boards on the office block.
• Completion of stone masonry works on the foundation of the extended room in the office block.
• Installation of trusses and steel posts in the extended room in office block.
• Field visit by Project Coordinator (Swesta) for monitoring and need assessment purpose. The data of the students will be collected on the basis of different questioner made in the checklist for making the database.
• Planning of volunteer program for providing the path for the interested and devoted one to work in the social work field for gaining the experience and contributing their knowledge and experience for some betterment of the rural people.
• Working on additional project activities like construction of retaining wall, urinal & shower, chautari, boundary wall, health, sanitation & nutrition, reading materials, trainings for teachers, etc. are required in the school.

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