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The construction work is in full progress. -
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17 Feb The construction work is in full progress.

Construction Update
We have already started the second building for the classrooms. Once there, we’ve been discussing about aditional projects: a retention wall, a gate, a boundary wall, and some paviment in the center, which was not included in the initial project plan. Another critical project is to establish a water supply, in order to provide the school and village with drinking water. 

Report Period : 18th February 2016


There we have verified how they work and how the construction is progressing. After our arrival, we met our young civil engineer, Mr. Ashish Dangal, a marvellous person. Besides overseeing the technical aspects of the construction, he is getting involved in the life of the village and participates in all kinds of initiatives..

Project Name : Shree Prajawasti Primary School, Makaising-3 Bardada, Gorkha
Prepared by : Swesta Dhungel, Project Coordinator

The work of the construction of Shree Prajawasti Primary School, Maikaising -3 Bardada, Gorkha is just in its full phase of progress where the works are being carried out without any hurdles till date.
As of 15th February, the activities being undertaken are as follows:

1. As per planned activities for the next phase in the progress report dated 30th January, Clara & Marta along with the representatives of the foundation visited the field (9th – 11th February) for the purpose of monitoring. They got to see the progress of the construction work as well got to know about the life and living standard of the rural people. They organized two day coloring workshop at Shree Parawasti Primary School where they taught children to draw and play with the colors and also they visited the other primary school named Shree Bhalaya Dandha Primary School.
2. The additional work for developing drawings plans of retention wall, gate, boundary wall and drinking water which is not currently included in the project plan is in progress and will be reported by the site engineer by the end of February
3. Construction Update: The masonry work of school’s office and library was started along with the excavation work for the stone foundation at the classroom blocks side by side. The progress on the construction work is too in its way to achieve the goal. Till date following progress has been made at construction.
• The stone masonry work of office and library block was completed and Damp Proof Concreting (DPC) over the stone masonry of both the blocks was done on 14th February.
• Completion of excavation work for stone foundation at classroom blocks and the stone masonry work was started right after that from 3rd February and is in progress.
• Installation of trusses and its components in the office and library block on 3rd February.
• Laying of GI sheets over the office and library block from 14th February 2016 and is in progress.
• Steel posts on the corners of the classroom block have been erected by 8th February 2016.
The more construction materials were delivered to the site as per the need and requirement of the work..

Note: The payment for the sand including the transportation cost was done at 15th February where the price of sand was fixed at NRs. 6000 per tractor including transportation cost (1 tractor = 2.5 cubic meter). 12 tractors of sand were ordered in the 1st consignment out of which 4 tractors were delivered by 25th January 2016.
The payment process for the stone will be done by the end of February as per the rate fixed where the price of stone was fixed at NRs. 1200 per tractor (1 tractor = 3 cubic meter) and the transportation cost was fixed at NRs. 800 per tractor. 9 tractors of stone were delivered on 26th January 2016. Though it was said to be negotiated but due to the present context of the country the supplier could not the decrease the rate as per our request.
It was decided that the payment for the worker at construction site would be paid every 15 days of the work where the payment process is done right after the received of payment claim sheet by the site
engineer. The payment claim sheet for the workers from 1st to 15th February is shown-

Activities Planned for Next Phase
• Preparation and sharing of fortnightly Project Progress Update.
• Completion of stone masonry work on the foundation of the classroom blocks.
• Installation of remaining steel posts and trusses at classroom blocks.
• Damp Proof Concreting (DPC) over the stone masonry foundation at classroom blocks.
• Completion of installation of GI sheets over office and library blocks as well as classroom blocks.
• Working on additional project activities required in the school.
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