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Interested in volunteering

Our Volunteer Programme

What we are doing now

In January 2016, we began with the construction of the school in Makaising, in Gorka province, travelling to Nepal one month later to manage the project first-hand. We had the opportunity to spend a few days with the Chepang community in Makaising, which confirmed that we could do a lot more to help them to escape poverty, illiteracy and isolation.

The school is almost finished, and we are currently focusing our efforts on developing a project to channel water and finalize its construction. With education in mind as a powerful tool for getting out of poverty, we plan a volunteer program to help develop and improve the living conditions of the Chepang in Makaising.

foto de equipo

Our Volunteer Experience

Makaising 2023

Belen Haine

Makaising 2022

Belen Haine, Pablo Menchen, Juan Ramirez, Andrea, Luis, Ana Bailén, Aroa Zamora, Inés Monereo, ,Sancho Perez. Nerea, Teresa Montejo, Maider Lopez de Letona, Ana Fuentes Cantillana

Makaising 2021

Cristina Violat, Toni Cañones,Teresa Montejo, Anais Gabas, Beatrice Simon.

Makaising 2020

Teresa Montejo

Makaising  2019

Pablo Murío, Eric Torel Nacho Puig, Inés Gomez Durán, Victoria Bardesi, Noelia, Cristina

Makaising  2018

Alice Pondenzana, Sergio Sanchez, Juan Ramirez, Agosto. Nacho Fuentes, Paloma Kramer, Marco Cagigal, Enrique Corres, Noviembre. Nacho Puig



My name is Paula Álvarez Arenas, I am a 26 years old Spanish doctor, that just finished my studies. I had always wanted to work in a project involving children that was focused in their education and development, as I find this the way for building a proper future for them. When I found out about KFN, I immediately knew that it was the right place for me, and I was right.

In order to take advantage from my skills, the KFN team and I planned to do not only some health courses related, but also a check up on the kids, that included issues as number of meals, access to water, and height and weight, among other things. With these data, we plan to do a report on their health and their living conditions.
Living in Makaising and collaborating with other Nepalis has helped me to learn a lot about the culture, which I have found extremely helpful to understand some of the main issues in the community, and also to look for solutions that suit them properly. This in particular is what makes the volunteering programs so necessary. Finding the right solutions, or having good ideas, is not an easy task if you don’t know how this community works. Being exposed helps you to rebuild the priorities that really have to be taken into account, and not the ones that we think they need.
Because of this, now I am proud to say that I am working as the coordinator for the volunteering program, and my aim is to make things easier for the next volunteers to come and put them in contact with KFN team in Kathmandu, so they can concentrate on working in the field.
My experience living in Makaising, working with the KFN team and specially working with the children has been life changing with both sad and cheerful experience with them.

Makaising 2017

january. Paula Alvarez Arenas, April .Sumina Prahdan, August . Pablo Gomez Duran, Manuel Aguilar Amat, Sara Sanchez Diaz, Leticia De La Serna, Alejandra Valentín Rincón, Pablo Revuelta, Jorge Garcia Flores, Patricia Bravo , Nacho Funtes -Cantillana,y Hector Sanchez Diaz.

Makaising August 2016

Patricia Fuentes Cantillana, Jaime de Azúa

Laprak July 2015

Santiago Aldanondo

 We must plan it out together. We propose the following outline:

  • Participating in the education of children, in collaboration with local teachers, to modernise the teaching methodology and help in teaching English and/through activities such as dance, artistic expression, musical theatre, sports and other games.
  • Carrying out educational workshops on arts and crafts, agriculture and other tasks with parents and adults. These can open routes to development and self-sufficiency for families.
  • Workshops on topics such as health, hygiene or preventive measures and remedial action following natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Just Follow Some Steps

Read Conditions

Please read carefully all conditions

Any Questions

write to us, Pablo Gomez Durán Costales our volunteering coordinator

What we need

We need highly committed and enthusiastic people with big ideas to carry out the exciting task of bringing the Chepang community of Makaising out of isolation and to drive them forward with regards to their development.

Other requirements

Other requirements:

  • You must be at least 23 years old
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Have at least three weeks to spend in a homestay with a local family.
  • You must be able to adapt to very basic living conditions and be able to respect a very different culture.

In return

  • You will have a unique experience and youll get to know another culture with very different traditions. You will grow as an individual as you become aware of the inequalities that exist in world and very different cultures too.

    You will obtain a volunteering certificate, which is great for your CV and it will open doors for other experiences including future study or work abroad.

    You will be able to carry out investigations in areas such as healthcare, education, the environment, agriculture and water supply.


Accommodation, elementary meals and basic resources like water, electricity and services will be provided. There will be a KFN team in permanent contact with you, providing you with help and support.

How much does it cost

Budget: An individualized budget will be developed for each volunteer with a breakdown of costs. The plane ticket, visa, insurances are  not included in the budget. A calculation of a basic budget for three would be approximately € 300 which would include:

• Pick up at the airport and transfer to the hotel + Transfer from the hotel to the airport 10/12€ per unite.

• 2 nights in a hotel in downtown Kathmandu, From 10/20€ B&B /night

• Transfer from Kathmandu to Makaising + Transfer from Makaising to Kathmandu. taking Taxi- Local bus,-Local truck  aprox 20€ one way.

• Two weeks in Makaising with accommodation, water and food. 500Rupies/day

• 2 nights in a hotel in Kathmandu. From 10/20€ B&B /night

(This budget is only an example, the duration of the trip, etc. may vary and be adjusted to the volunteer)

The budget is only to cover the expenses of the stay and the transport, no part is destined to KFN.

Make a More Comprehensive TRIP

You have the option of complementing your trip with guided visits around Kathmandu and the possibility of extending your trip to visit other areas of Nepal

Our Volunteers

GETTING INVOLVED for a better future of Nepalese children.